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Effect of zinc sulfate monohydrate on crops


Zinc sulfate monohydrate is currently used in a very wide range. It can be seen not only in the chemical industry, but also in the growth of crops. It can not only improve the growth efficiency of crops, but also It can increase production incrementally and is widely used in the field of crop cultivation. Let me introduce the specific effect of it on crops.



1. Zinc is one of the micronutrients for crop growth. It is a component of many enzymes. The application of zinc sulfate monohydrate can improve seed yield and quality, enhance crop photosynthesis and respiration, stimulate cell vitality, and promote carbohydrates in crops. Synthesis and operation, increase the synthesis of chlorophyll and auxin, promote the absorption of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other crops, improve the ability of crops to resist cold, drought, salt and alkali, disease, and stress, promote early maturity, and increase thousand-grain weight

2. Application of zinc sulfate monohydrate to crops caused by zinc deficiency: "white flower seedlings, ears lacking grains and bald tips", rice "stiff seedlings, shrinking seedlings, settles", fruit trees "small leaf disease, mosaic disease, leaf shrinkage" Clusters, tufts, small fruit disease, stagnation of growth and development, short plants, shortened internodes, yellow leaf chlorosis, yellow and white spots, underdeveloped crop root system, falling flowers, falling buds, young leaves curling, growth atrophy All have obvious effects. After spraying, it can be quickly absorbed by the crop, making the leaves thick and bright, the stems and leaves are robust, the fruits swell fast, the yield is increased, and the quality is improved.

The above is the analysis of the effect of zinc sulfate monohydrate on crops. We can see from the above introduction that the role of this substance in the field of crop growth is still very important. It can not only improve the disease resistance of crops, but also enable fruit growth. After coming out more full. When using it, you should also pay attention to reasonable use.


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