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Emergency measures for leakage of anhydrous sodium acetate


As a chemical substance, anhydrous sodium acetate is inherently corrosive. Therefore, if a leak occurs, it is necessary to take emergency measures in time to prevent the situation from affecting the surrounding environment. Let me introduce the emergency measures to be taken in case of a leak.



First remove all sources of ignition. Ventilate areas where anhydrous sodium acetate has leaked or spilled and wear appropriate personal protective equipment as required. For leaks, clean up leaked materials to prevent material dust from spreading into the air. Use explosion-proof tools and equipment. Sprinkle water to reduce airborne dust and prevent the spread of dust. The collected materials should be disposed of in suitable containers. A small amount of residue should be flushed into the sewer with fresh water. To ensure that staff exposure is as low as possible, we recommend using local ventilation systems. Local ventilation is generally preferred because it can control its emissions at the source of the pollution and prevent it from entering public work areas.

Use when anhydrous sodium acetate is significantly exposed to dust or mist and engineering control is not feasible. Anti-dust masks (NIOSH N95 or better) can be used. Etc.) N or SH masks should be used. In emergency or emergencies with unknown exposure levels, use fully enclosed, positive pressure, self-contained breathing apparatus. Air-purifying respirators do not protect workers in hypoxic environments. Wear protective gloves and clean tight protective clothing.

The above are the emergency measures for the leakage of anhydrous sodium acetate that are organized for everyone. When you encounter a sudden leakage, be careful not to panic, and take appropriate measures in a timely manner. You must ensure that the polluted area is cleaned up. Construction can be carried out again, or there will be some hidden safety hazards.


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