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How to test the quality of zinc sulfate monohydrate is the same, we must make reasonable use according to the actual use.


When using zinc sulfate monohydrate, everyone is more concerned about its quality. In fact, for chemical substances, quality is very important. When we purchase, we can take the correct method for quality inspection. Generally There are many aspects of detection. Let me introduce you in detail below.

1. Distinguish from craftsmanship

The appearance of zinc sulfate monohydrate crystals is different according to different production processes. If the drying process is used, the surface of the material has more moisture and is crystalline. If the surface moisture is more, it will easily absorb moisture and agglomerate, and will adsorb more Many free water and other magazines; if the drying process is used, the surface of the material has less moisture, which is not easy to agglomerate, and the product has better fluidity. The zinc sulfate monohydrate produced through the drying process can be divided into 0.1- 1mm, 0.2-3mm, and 2-4mm specifications.



2.Distinguish from raw materials

The quality of the batch can be judged based on the raw materials used. Some manufacturers use waste acid to produce zinc sulfate monohydrate in order to save costs for customers. The color produced by waste acid is not as good as that produced by original acid. Its main content is It is also lower than the original acid, and the impurity content is relatively higher.

3.Tested by a third party

The good method is, of course, to determine the quality of it through third-party testing.

The quality of zinc sulfate monohydrate product is closely related to its materials and production process, so if you want to check whether the quality is qualified, you can do the test from the process and raw materials. Generally, the good quality of the chemical substance is relatively high. Yes, everyone should check whether the qualification of the enterprise meets the standards when purchasing.


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