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Four pharmacological effects of magnesium sulfate monohydrate


As a chemical substance, magnesium sulfate monohydrate has a very wide range of use. When using it, pay attention to its use properties. Especially in the pharmaceutical industry, it also has certain pharmacological effects. Proper use can play a very Good treatment effect, let's analyze the pharmacological effects for everyone.

1. Magnesium sulfate monohydrate can inhibit the nervous system and relax skeletal muscles. It has sedation, anti-spasm, and reduces intracranial pressure. Commonly used in the treatment of convulsions, eclampsia, uremia, tetanus and hypertensive encephalopathy.



2. Oral magnesium sulfate monohydrate is absorbed in the intestine very little. Oral has a good catharsis function. After the oral aqueous solution reaches the intestinal cavity, it has a certain osmotic pressure so that the intestinal water is not absorbed by the intestinal wall. The intestine retains a large amount of water, which can mechanically stimulate the peristalsis of the intestine and defecate. Therefore, it can be used to treat constipation and abnormal fermentation in the intestine; combined with insect repellent, the intestinal worm can be easily discharged. 5-20 grams of magnesium sulfate can be dissolved in 100-400 milliliters of warm water each time and taken orally once in the morning.

3. Effect on the cardiovascular system. Injection and excessive magnesium ions can directly expand the peripheral vascular smooth muscle, causing sympathetic ganglion transmission disorders, thereby dilating blood vessels and lowering blood pressure. Intramuscular injection of 1G grams, 10% solution, 10 ml each; intravenous drip, 1-2.5 grams, 25ml solution 10ml diluted with 5% glucose to 1% concentration and slowly injected.

4. Magnesium sulfate monohydrate can stimulate the duodenal mucosa, which can cause the relaxation of the common bile duct sphincter and contraction of the gallbladder. Can be used for the treatment of cholecystitis gallstones, 2 to 5 grams each time, 3 times a day, orally before meals or between meals.

The above is an analysis of the pharmacological effects of magnesium sulfate monohydrate. In fact, when used as medicine, the correct method of use can indeed bring better results. Depending on the disease, the required dosage and method of use are also different. Everyone should make reasonable use according to the actual use situation.


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