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Can I use agglomerated zinc sulfate monohydrate?


Zinc sulfate monohydrate may become agglomerated when stored for a long time. Condensation is a physical property of its own, not a product deterioration. However, it appears like a yellow clod. At this time, pay attention to whether the product has exceeded the shelf life. Let's give you a detailed analysis to see which situations can be used.

1. For customers who are used in water treatment, slightly agglomerated zinc sulfate monohydrate will not cause adverse effects. Slight agglomeration can be crushed and used normally, the effect remains unchanged. Or use directly (the dissolution time will increase when directly used). A solid 10% solution is prepared and used. And ferrous is relatively easy to be oxidized in the air.



2. For products that have been stored for a long time and have severe agglomeration, the iron content may decrease slightly. Therefore, long-term storage is not recommended for such products. In this case, it can be coagulated by high temperature and dissolved at a temperature of about 148.2C, which can be used normally.

3. Add anti-caking agent to prevent agglomeration. If it cannot be used up within the effective time, when purchasing, you can purchase zinc sulfate heptahydrate monohydrate with anti-caking agent added. And store in a dry and cool place, avoid direct contact with zinc sulfate heptahydrate and air.


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