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Precautions for using magnesium sulfate monohydrate


     Due to the chemical nature of magnesium sulfate monohydrate, we need to pay special attention to some precautions. The correct use can make it exert its due effect. It is our responsibility to carefully check and standardize the operation. The ability to master.



1. Check all incoming containers of magnesium sulfate monohydrate before entering the warehouse to ensure that the containers are properly labeled and not damaged.

2. The floor should be sealed to prevent absorption of magnesium sulfate monohydrate.

3. Have suitable fire extinguishing equipment in the storage area.

4. Empty containers may contain residual particles, so empty containers should be handled with care.

5, keep it away from food, beverages and animal feed. Do not store in open air or unlabeled containers. Store in a limited amount of magnesium sulfate monohydrate. Wipe the area periodically to avoid dust accumulation.


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