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Anti-corrosive use of zinc sulfate monohydrate



Regarding zinc sulfate monohydrate, I believe that everyone has already learned a little bit. Next, we will continue to add some relevant knowledge for everyone, talk about its anticorrosive uses, and let's take a look:

The anticorrosive properties of zinc sulfate monohydrate have been discovered and used by humans long ago. The most familiar one is the anticorrosion of railway sleepers. In 1959, Britain first developed zinc sulfate monohydrate paint as a corrosion-resistant primer, and it is still widely used around the world.



The working principle of zinc sulfate monohydrate anticorrosive coating. Some people think that the coating will form a shielding precipitation layer in the anode area to passivate the metal. Some people think that after hydrolysis, it can form heteropoly acid complex with rust to form a tough coating film. This has the effect of stabilizing rust. At present, the more commonly accepted mechanism is to generate local anodes and cathodes on the anode surface. The iron in the local anodes begins to dissolve. The dissolved ferrous salts and iron salts are hydrolyzed, and the protons released are combined with monohydrate. The action of zinc sulfate produces sulfuric acid and zinc ions, so it has the role of a cathodic inhibitor, while sulfuric acid interacts with the metal surface to form an insoluble iron sulfate that protects and plays a role of anticorrosion.

That's it for today's introduction. I hope everyone can understand the antiseptic use of zinc sulfate monohydrate, which will be helpful in your future use. If you still have questions, please call us.


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