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Reasons for the large price fluctuations of zinc sulfate monohydrate


 The price of zinc sulfate monohydrate is not stable, and many users' purchases have been affected. So what are the factors that affect its price fluctuations? In order to avoid everyone choosing a product price that does not meet the product quality and let everyone better understand the reason for the change in product price, let's take a look below:



1. Affected by the international zinc price;

2. Zinc sulfate monohydrate raw materials rose (such as coal prices, oil prices, electricity prices); South China electricity shortage, factories use generators to generate electricity, resulting in increased costs;

3. The appreciation of the RMB and the exchange rate of the RMB and the USD have fallen, which cannot be changed artificially;

4. The arrival of the peak or low season of purchase is an influential factor in the market. It is reached artificially or it can be changed manually.

5. Other reasons such as labor shortage and rising labor costs will cause price fluctuations of the product.

The reasons that affect the price fluctuations of zinc sulfate monohydrate have been explained in detail in the article. I hope that everyone can respond to them in a timely manner to minimize the losses caused by price fluctuations, and understand the reasons for changes in product price fluctuations, so as to avoid being black-hearted. Seller pitfalls.


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