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Secondary publicity


Yingkou Hongwei Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Announced the Second Public Announcement of a New Graphene Oxide New Material Project with an Annual Output of 2000 Tons

I. Network Links to the Full Text of the Draft of Environmental Impact Reports and Ways and Means of Viewing Paper Reports

Network link: http://enhongwei.mycn86.cn

Ways and means of consulting paper reports: Qianbai Village, Yingkou Nanlou Economic Development Zone, Dashiqiao City, Yingkou City, Liaoning Province, General Manager: 18242662222

Second, the scope of the public for comments

Citizens, legal persons within the scope of the evaluation, and other organizations.

Third, public opinion network link table


Fourth, the manner and means of public comments

Available to the public (947681301@qq.com) messages, within the specified time will fill the form and submit public comments to the construction unit, when you submit comments, should provide valid contact information. Encourage the public to submit comments using the real name and provide an address.

Fifth, public comments starting and ending time

Public Date: 10 working days from the date formula.


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